Our Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain

We believe being able to trace the origin of our materials is key to a garment’s sustainability. We also promise to clearly communicate what our garments are made from and where they have been made.

When it comes to choosing our suppliers, not only do we ensure that they provide the specialist skills which meet our specific criteria but also that working conditions within the factories are safe and fair.

Our factories share our values and are committed to ethical, legal, and sustainable practices. Independent audits by Sedex and various certifications ensure these factories meet the required standards, but we also visit them in person regularly to see for ourselves. Our longstanding relationships with our suppliers mean maximum quality and the fairest prices for our customers.

Positive packaging

We are delighted to offer sustainably sourced, plastic-free and recyclable ecommerce packaging. In addition, we supplement certain knitwear purchases with a canvas garment bag, which we hope you will enjoy reusing again and again. These bags are made by Teddy Exports, a collective in India whose profits go towards supporting a local school, creche and AIDS clinic. We are working hard to minimise our returns packaging, aiming to go completely paperless by the end of 2023.

Our Worldwide Suppliers

Here you can learn a little more about where our suppliers are based and what made us choose to work with each of them.

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Our factories share our values and are committed
to ethical, legal, and sustainable practices.
Water used by this factory is purified before being
returned to source in better condition.

Fabrics, Yarn Sourcing and the SFA

We are a proud member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), a global multi-stake holder initiative with a mission to ensure the long-term viability of the cashmere sector. We prioritise the use of responsibly sourced, natural yarns, such as cashmere, wool, and cotton in our collections. A large majority of our yarn suppliers are certified by the Recycled Wool Standard (RWS), and even our back-neck labels are certified to be in conformity and audited by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). To find out more about where our cashmere comes from, click here