The Chinti & Parker Self-Care Guide

Whatever rituals you follow, self-care can do wonders for your mental health. It’s an important act of making time for yourself, in a world that constantly demands your attention. But if you’re not sure where to start, or your routine itself needs some TLC, you’ve come to the right place.

Safeguard your Space

We spend a great deal of our time at home, so create a space you want to be in, and then protect it. This could mean lighting your favourite candle, cooking or baking with your partner, enjoying tea in your favourite mug, or slipping on your beloved cashmere sweater or love-worn hoodie.

Nourish your Hobbies

What makes you happy? Discover that, and then do it more often. Feeding your soul means doing things that are going to tick boxes that work just doesn’t. This may be knitting, sewing, reading, dancing, cooking… The list is endless, and it really does depend entirely on you.

Declutter your Mind

With to-do lists, chores, a home to stay on top of, and looking after yourself, it’s no wonder that our minds are full. Getting as much down on paper can help you to feel more organised; visualising and breaking down what is actually on your plate can make things seem much more manageable. Try a daily task list, or even a planner.

Sometimes - no matter what you do - you may find your brain simply too full. If this sounds familiar, you may benefit from journaling. Whether you follow a certain format with bullet journaling, or prefer to dump as many thoughts onto paper as possible. Remember that there’s no set format to this; find the best method for you.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is highly underrated. Even the most minor inconvenience can seem overwhelming when we’re tired. So, when everything seems a bit much, consider calling it a day. But rather than flinging yourself into bed, take the time to curate a relaxing and sustainable bedtime routine, which will help you on your way to better sleep. Taking a break from screens, wearing comfortable loungewear, and cultivating a specific sleeping environment, are all proactive steps you can take.