Cashmere clothing of any kind is a worthwhile investment, but it’s important that you care for your pieces. From taking the time to properly wash to patience when drying, caring for these gorgeous knits requires work, but it always pays off. An equally essential part of extending the life of your cashmere includes correct storage.

1. Fold, don’t hang

Whilst you may see hanging your most beloved pieces - such as jumpers and cardigans - as a must-do, it can actually damage the fabric. We recommend that cashmere is always folded rather than hung as hanging can put pressure on the shoulders which can lead to stretching and weakened seams.

To fold your cashmere jumper, lay it flat with the front facing down. Bring each side of the jumper inwards, approximately a third of the way, and fold the hem to meet the shoulders. This technique is suitable for both everyday and long-term storage.

2. Box carefully

Once folded, choose your storage method wisely, particularly for long-term storage. Cardboard should be avoided at all costs as it won’t keep out heat and moisture, and can attract cashmere-loving critters. And although they are cheap and space-saving, plastic boxes are also a no-go. Plastic can trap heat and moisture which can wreak havoc on your sensitive cashmere. Too much trapped moisture can even cause mildew or mould to grow, causing stains or bad odours.

Specialist garment bags are the safest way to store cashmere, both in the short term and between seasons. For extra protection, line your garment bags with anti-moth paper strips or drawer liners.

3. Keep moths at bay

Although cheap and convenient, avoid moth balls at all costs. They contain harsh chemicals and their odour can linger on your clothes despite proper washing. Use cedar blocks and lavender sachets - the best natural deterrents - but take care to ensure they don’t come into direct contact with your clothes as the oils can stain. You’ll also need to remember to replace them each season as their smell - and therefore their efficacy - will fade.

4. Control the climate

Hot and humid spots in your home are the perfect breeding ground for mold and for attracting moths. So you should avoid storing your cashmere in basements or attics. Extreme temperatures - both hot and cold - can damage the fabric, and direct sunlight can cause colour to fade.

Ideally your cashmere should be stored, within its proper container, in a cool, dark and dry space such as your bedroom or a closet.