If you regularly reach for neutrals, it may be time to add a pop of colour to your rotation. Whether you’re making a statement, or are a firm believer in ‘less is more’, there are a multitude of ways to slip bolder tones and hues into any outfit. Take a seamless step out of your comfort zone as we uncover how to add more colour to your wardrobe.

Pair colours carefully

Finding the perfect pairing is one of the difficulties of incorporating more colour into your wardrobe. By referring back to the trusty colour wheel, you should be able to see which shades complement each other well. It’s also helpful to understand the perceptions of colour, so you can wear the tones that best suit your personality; warm colours pack more energy and brightness, whilst cooler shades are more calming and grounded.

Opt for accent pieces

Accent pieces - such as bags, scarfs, hats, and jewellery items - can add an extra sprinkling of colour into any ensemble. Rather than diving in at the deep end and switching out neutrals for bolder colours, inject playfulness discreetly by finalising an outfit with a few simple accessories. Transform your look with a vibrant Fuchsia Snood, go multi-tonal with a Stone Ombré Scarf, or delicately lighten an outfit with a Pink Ribbed Hat.

Go monochrome

Sometimes, one colour is all you need to make a statement. Not to mention, a monochromatic look can be put together in a matter of seconds, without having to worry about colours clashing. We have a collection of staple cashmere sweaters, available in a variety of colours, that can be partnered perfectly with cashmere pants. Ooze style in complete comfort, whatever your vibe.

Experiment with patterns

Patterns will be your new best friends if you’re keen for a revamp. Whether you love stripes, spots, stars or slogans, you can keep it interesting with the Chinti & Parker collection. Designs such as these are perfect for brightening up an otherwise neutral outfit, able to instantly change your look from professional to playful.

Whether you’re keen on neutrals, or a lover of colour, you can find just what you need to perfect your look in the Chinti and Parker collection. Discover quality pieces and wardrobe staples.