Out of the dark emerges light as the saying goes, and it’s certainly something Brits are embracing. Fashion has always moved at a fast pace, and while the party dresses and statement items may have been placed towards the back of the wardrobe, they’re back. And they’re back brighter than ever…

A shift in what fashion lovers’ wardrobes…

During the pandemic, fashion took a backstep with the rise of athleisure taking centre stage as comfort became a priority for those working from home days and daily walks, with no real need to pull together an outfit that expressed our identity.

In fact, it was more the mood of the nation that dictated fashion, with neutral hoodies and loungewear dominating the sales of many fashion brands, including here at Chinti & Parker.

Rachael Wood, co-founder and director of Chinti & Parker said “During the periods where restrictions were in place, there was a huge shift towards hoodies and our Essentials collection, with people opting for beige, white, grey and more neutral, staple items.

However, what we’ve seen since the beginning of S/S ‘22 and into A/W ‘22 is a real shift, as people once again look to resurrect their own style and express themselves through what they wear.”

Which got us thinking, just how much have people’s attitudes changed towards the colours they’re embracing?

Secondary colours coming first

Studying the nation, our aims were to discover just what colours were among the favourites in the first season fully out of lockdown. Seasonal colour reports, and fashion brands worldwide have opted for sophisticated blue and green tones, alongside warm oranges and tangerines.

When it comes to the primary colours, more and more of us are dropping them into our wardrobe, with interest in blues and reds having increased over 90% compared to prior to lockdown.

However, it’s secondary colours that people are preferring, with interest in orange items, and in particular dresses, having risen by 116% and interest in greens welcoming a 167% increase in people wanting to wear the colour.

It’s a similar story with purple, as people look to dress that little bit bolder. Figures show a 100% increase in interest for purple items, with a significant increase in people seeking hoodies in the colour, as they look to stay warm and comfortable throughout the colder seasons.

The death of the leopard print

While bold and beautiful has been a key feature as people move into the upcoming seasons, there have been a number of patterns that haven’t stood the test of time. Despite leopard print being relatively popular at the beginning of the pandemic, there’s been a huge drop in interest compared to 2019, with a drop in around 10,000 people per month searching to buy leopard print cardigans at key months in the autumn/winter season.

Paisley patterns and bold stripes also haven’t quite seen the resurgence that floral patterns have, with flowers looking well set to stay over the remainder of the year, even with the weather cooling down.