Olivia Crighton, Founder of Glasshouse Salon

On a typical day, I am woken up by my two-year old daughter Sadie very early, but I’ll try and stay in bed for as long as possible. I drink fresh celery juice first thing, then make a large smoothie with wild blueberries, banana, spirulina, barley grass juice extract, coriander and dulse seaweed in it. I picked the smoothie up from the Medical Medium a few years ago and it has helped me deal with everything from migraines to anxiety.

Being a business owner, every day is different. I’ll have days when I’m with my daughter and days when I’ll come into the salon for meetings or trainings. I am also studying one day a week to become a naturopath. It can be very challenging to study alongside running a business but I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m passionate about taking a holistic approach to looking and feeling good.
When I opened Glasshouse, there weren’t a lot of salons around for people who wanted to choose safer alternatives, particularly with hair colouring. I’d been working as a trainer for the brand Organic Colour Systems, and I would visit different salons all over London to educate them about the products and their ethos. I found that salons treated this less toxic approach as an alternative, not as their core business which I just couldn’t understand because the products are so incredible – they’ve been developed to be kinder to your hair and the environment and are made in the UK, in the New Forest. This led me to open a salon which had that organic, natural and safer hair care philosophy at its core.
From the beginning we set ourselves up as a complete lifestyle brand, so we also stock a selection of natural and organic beauty and wellbeing products at the salon and have an online journal, too. I think that when you come to the salon and buy your haircare essentials, it makes sense to be able to get your bamboo toothbrushes and a beautiful body wash at the same time. We recently launched the Glasshouse Hair, Hand and Body Wash; the inspiration behind creating it was to minimise and streamline the number of products we use on our body and that we have in our bathroom. I wanted to create a product that was suitable for the whole family. Traditionally when we think of a multipurpose product, we might believe that it’s going to do one job well, but this genuinely is a great all-rounder. The formula is sulphate and sodium chloride-free and contains lots of lovely certified organic ingredients such as aloe vera, comfrey and grapefruit.
My advice to people wanting to switch to a more natural and sustainable beauty routine is to start by stripping everything back and prioritising gentle cleansers that are free from sulphates. I’d encourage finishing off the products you’ve already got and replacing things one by one. If in doubt, I suggest using a little bit of coconut oil to remove makeup, apple cider vinegar as a toner and a good natural beauty oil to hydrate skin. We could all cut back on using our hairdryer a bit too, which is obviously more challenging in winter; speak to your hairdresser who can teach you how to work with your hair’s natural texture without having to rely on hot tools for styling.
At the end of each day, I like to do nothing, whether that means watching television or doing a little bit of meditation. I love to be in my own space, I really value that time by myself.

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