We spoke to co-founder of Wardrobe ICONS and mother of two, Laura Fantacci, about how she is embracing simple pleasures during life in lockdown. From finding more time for herself via feelgood wellbeing rituals to cooking from scratch each evening, discover how she’s striking the work / life balance from home.

“As a team, we are all trying to stay positive and see the work that we do as a helpful tool for our readers, to provide a distraction, and to think about the future in a positive way.”

How else have you kept some routine in your days?

I have had to rethink my routine a little to put me and my wellbeing at the centre of it. I have two little girls, aged 3 and 7, so of course my routine has to align with their needs as well. In the morning, things have remained virtually unchanged, I spend some time getting ready, simply washing and moisturising my face, doing my hair and then getting dressed. I will have breakfast with the kids, and then the working day begins. I always stop for a nice healthy lunch; I think it is important that we take that time off. My evenings have changed because they are usually much more frantic with homework and having two kids to bath, but it has all kind of relaxed a little bit.

“Wearing something that makes me feel comfortably put together is an absolute priority and I strongly recommend it, otherwise your day doesn’t have the same structure.”

“I am finding that there are some silver linings to all of this – rethinking your life, your rhythm and what your essentials are, and catering to those.”

Laura’s Must-Haves


I have just finished reading The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters by Nancy Schoenberger and Sam Kashner. It’s about Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill, and was a fascinating albeit sad read because of their tragic lives. I am now reading Lunch with the FT: A Second Helping by Lionel Barber which I love because each interview is so different


I have been relistening to a few episodes of our own podcast, ICONversations, where we talk with amazing women such as Jasmine Hemsley about rituals; Elizabeth Saltzman about confidence; and more recently our Editor at Large, Deborah Brett, about perfection.


I find De Mamiel’s Salvation Body Oil is lovely to use in the evening as part of my nighttime skincare routine. I am also finding that a pretty headband is helping me to feel dressed up, from the waist up!


Yoga with Adriene’s 30-day YouTube programme is a great little course and each one is less than half an hour long. I am also finding my daily walk really precious; I breathe in the fresh air, look up at the sky and really appreciate being outdoors.


I love to use my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to ensure a good night’s sleep. I also give myself a brief foot massage, switch my phone off, have soft yellow lights on, and read. Reading for me is essential for helping me to get to sleep.


I love sleepwear and don’t just wear any old thing; this beautiful silk robe is perfect as part of my evening beauty regime. I also love to wear the Essentials cream cashmere set after my evening shower, when I’m not quite ready to put my pyjamas on and want to be comfortable but still wear something beautiful.